Bluebird speed dating

The outbreak of the First World War tore apart entire countries and claimed a tremendous amount of human casualties, but it also had a tiny positive side.

In Blue Bird II, the engine was good enough for 500 horsepower.To beat the Golden Arrow and it’s 925 horsepower Napier Lion VIID Schneider Trophy engine, the new car would harness the dark art of supercharging.This made the haphazardly named Campbell-Napier-Railton Blue Bird the first land speed record car to combine a large displacement aero engine with forced induction, and lead to an astonishing power figure.The opposing powers entered an unprecedented technological arms race to produce faster and more agile vehicles, which lead to great leaps in vehicle design.As these events were unfolding, one Malcolm Campbell was at the forefront of another great engineering testbed: motor racing.

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