Being stood up online dating

Reaching out to the guy who stood you up to holler at him will probably leave a bad taste in your mouth in the future. No need to dwell on the dude of the past when there's another better ride coming down the avenue.

Your level of humiliation will depend on several factors. Call up your girlfriend to rage if you must, but remember it's only going to increase your stress level. There's a saying that men are like buses, and what you need to do is get on the next one.

It could be argued that ghosting is our modern version of “getting stood up” but the art of the ghost is much more subtle than simply not showing up to a date.

It’s not making the date at all, or talking about making a date – and then simply never following up.

Ghosting is a relatively new relationship phenomenon, as it seems to directly relate to online dating and cell phone interactions.

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I immediately ghosted and refused to answer even though our date went well. From there I jumped from relationship to relationship and avoided all talks of feelings and moving forward because I never truly knew how to get my point across.” –Natalie, 25 “I ghosted a guy I was seeing last week.

At least you've gotten the experience of getting stood up over with, right?

Take up kickboxing or meditate during yoga class, but don't let your fury get the best of you. It doesn't matter what you do, but don't turtle, decide you'll never date again, or play the victim. It's tempting to want to figure out why this happened.

I can’t explain the feeling I got, but something told me to run.

I don’t feel good about this but I just started pulling away.

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