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The guards are equipped with new leveled armor and weapons.

There is also a chest which contains Battlehorn Warhorns.

Other Changes: New set of player armor and a new 2H sword hidden somewhere in the castle (you must be at least level 20 to find it)The wine cellar is now its own cell and adds large barrels of Tamika and Surilie 399 in addition to Mead and Cheap wine.

The new barrels are replenished in the same manner as the other two.

One of my personal favorites - Rona (the maid) continues to hang out in the Guest Quarters. While technically not a change, I feel it bears note.Stables/Stablehouse - Tended by the groundskeeper and ostler along with their pet mountain lion.You can find the groundskeeper tending the garden or the courtyard on weekdays.For best results, please purchase all upgrades before exploring the castle, as many areas are inaccessible until purchased.New Areas: Arcane Sanctum - Home to Battlehorn Castle's new mage; available to recharge magic items.

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