Bad speed dating experiences

Me "sure, I like Indian, sounds great" (really thinking, he must really like Indian, not exactly a safe 1st date choice). 20 minutes later I get an angry SMS asking why I didn't invite him in for sex?!?

Cue lots of funny stories for dinner parties for years to come. I'm sure fellow EBs have their own to share for a giggle. He rings and asks me out for dinner and names a restaurant.

He spent the whole date twitching his pecs witch was so off putting.

We get back to my place and I realised that i am locked out of my house as my housemate had latched the security door which I didn't have a key for.

Funnily enough, she went right off him after he tried to kill her.

Went out on one date with a huge beefcake of a policeman.

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    Writing about yourself isn’t always easy, but everyone is in a similar boat.

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