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i'm small but i'm skinny,slim ^^ , i like smile, laugh,cheerful,fun. my free time...i like listening to the Music, read book, cleaning house :) and i looking for true love. have be honest ,sincere, caring me and love my family 44 Yrs : I'm 162 cm tall, 50kg weigh. I enjoy travelling and have been to many countries for holidays. Seeking a nice guy to be my soul mate/lifetime partner. My heart actually fluttered when I saw this girl, because she is absolutely adorable. To my surprise, not only is she 24, she is also a doctor.This is definitely a good thing, because I haven't quite ruled out a heart attack. She speaks some English and wishes to travel abroad. I wonder if we will see her on the next season of Super Girl, China's version of American Idol.I didn't necessarily grow up speaking any language other than English. I'll expect you to pick up a few words of said language if you don't know it already. You'll never be able to get to the check faster than I can! My parents will immediately reject you as a suitor. And don't ask me what that sign says because I probably don't know. But I most likely know how to speak a language other than English. How else are we supposed to talk about other people in public? My parents programmed every second of my life before it was cool for parents to do that. In fact, they'll probably continue trying to set me up with their friends' sons. They might not think you're husband material (yet), but they will like you more if you eat.11. Please make sure the email address you provided above is accurate.Quite Possibly One Of The Best Asian-Specific Dating Product Available ....(Read On To Find Out More)I had been in the seduction community for a while now, and despite all that I had bought, read and watched, I did not actually try or do much with it.

This site is currently not available to citizens of all countries in the world. I mean, it's not the same if you are a big, tall, muscle-bound white guy with a square jaw, looking like Brad Pitt in Troy right?And so I did not have much going on for me, besides just minimal improvements and being able to hold a girl's attention a little longer than what I could previously.Once you have created your profile, an account activation email will be sent to the email address you provided.Please follow the instructions in this email to activate your account.

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