Asian and arab dating

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Asian women act all sweet and whatnot when dating, but once you are married, she basically rules the house with a strict upbringing.

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Many Asian American males I have known brag about getting into a certain school to the point of rubbing it into peoples' faces and want sympathy because they studied too hard.

Not to mention a lot of Asian Americans tend to go suicidal over grades.

Some women "negotiate" with the husband: "First kid your name, second kid my name! I don't think there's any discrimination or hate towards E. Most people want them as neighbors and workers because they're non-violent, bring up your test scores, work hard, and bring good food into the community.

As far as dating, Asian men probably have a tougher sell than white and black males but if you got game, your race doesn't matter to most women from what I've seen.

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