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What was your reaction to the initial announcement that Sunny would be ending?

And what were your feelings when it was extended for another two seasons?

As a result, she was always excited whenever she met someone else of Iranian descent, unleashing her unique brand of high energy overfamiliarity (“You’re Iranian?! Let’s speak Farsi and do you actually know all of your cousins’ names and have you tried bacon? But in 2014, the first year without a Sunny since the show premiered, the actress was almost inescapable.

Over the summer, she appeared in IFC’s Garfunkel and Oates, had a role alongside Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel in Sex Tape, fleetingly appeared on Scandal as a campaign manager for a candidate in need of some Olivia Pope style fixing, danced with the New Kids on the Block, and joined the cast of Showtime’s Masters of Sex as Flo Packer.

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However, it was in her recurring role as Artemis Dubois on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia that the actress has been able to flex her comedic and dramatic muscles.

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In the role of Flo, Artemis brought a screwball energy to the 1960s period drama that rivaled even the great Rosalind Russell and Claudette Colbert (had the two been unrestricted by the Hays Code). Austin Langham was an iconoclastic subversion of televisual sex and gender roles almost unmatched on cable television.

The Daily Beast spoke with Artemis about acting, television, and growing up in Texas. When the Sunny boys were filming their infamous 0 pilot, I was living with Mary Elizabeth Ellis [The Waitress] who was dating Charlie Day.

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