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You don't flip me off either." Imogen: "I love gummy worms a lot, but I'm not allowed to eat them at lunchtime and that makes me disappointed." Jo: As Imogen was continuing to protest, I wanted to talk to Leon and Jana about their sister's behavior. " Jana: "I think most of the time." Leon: "I agree." Leon: "My sister Imogen is not being a good girl." Leon: "You see, she was kicked out of a private boarding school this year.Mom tried to improve her attitude by sending her to every facility she could think of, such as military school, a Theraputic Boarding School, boot camp, adventure therapy, residential treatment center, behavior modification camp, behavior management, outdoor education and wilderness therapy," Jana: "Imogen even started drinking, smoking cigarettes and doing drugs." Leon: "And in Christmas, Imogen got coal in her stocking and an angry note from Santa Claus." Jana: "She decided to spend the holidays with some guy who was older than her." [Imogen is chatting with her boyfriend on her cellphone] Imogen: "Hey Lucas, how are you? * Sebastian Howard bought out The Spectator that she and Jennifer Horton owned. * Contracted breast cancer, had a mastectomy and reconstruction.Adrienne didn't return and had an affair with stable boy, Emilio Ramirez.Justin set a trap for Emilio to be killed but Justin became paralyzed after being caught in his own trap! Jo heads to Scottsdale, Arizona on a rescue mission to stop a pre-teen from splitting a family apart." Imogen: "SHUT UP, YOU MORON! Their 12-year-old daughter Imogen is addicted to My Space and texting and chatting on her cell an older guy named Lucas." [Imogen and Lucas kissing] Announcer: "Yet, she is very, very violent." [Imogen screams] Announcer: "Can Jo turn things around? : "And I'm Belinda." Robert and Belinda: "We're the Panizzas." Belinda: "My husband is a firefighter and I work at a nail salon. " Belinda: "He's at work." Jo: "Where are the children?

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Justin and Victor fought over Angelica, who planned to marry Victor but had Justin's baby.Married (1990 to Justin Kiriakis for the third time April 2011; Reconciled January 27 2011 as a couple.) Married (1990 to Justin Kiriakis for the second time.Separated/divorced 2009.) Engaged Lucas Horton 2016. Duke Earl Johnson (father - deceased) Josephine Johnson (mother) Earl Duke Johnson (paternal uncle - deceased) Steve "Patch" Johnson (brother) Jack Deveraux (brother) Stephanie Johnson (niece) Abigail Deveraux (niece) Jack Deveraux Jr.She left January 31st with a tearful goodbye to brother Steve.She returned March 23 2010 when Hope contacted her and asked that she return, secretly hoping to get Adrienne and Justin back together as they'd been separated. She remains in town for now, providing a shoulder to lean on when Stephanie Johnson needs one and she and Justin have been reflecting on their past and heading toward a future together.

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