Arab jewish mized dating

between Jews and non-Jews, are perceived by large segments of society as a threat to separate identity,” said Dalia Fenig, the acting chair of the pedagogic secretariat at the time of the book’s removal.Extreme-right groups like Lehava, led by Benzion Gopstein, actively campaign against mixed marriages and are known to show up and protest at Jewish-Arab weddings.

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“We’ve never been a couple that does flowers and all that stuff,” said Ahmed.“We’ve done a really good job of creating a nice bubble for ourselves.Where we live, our friends, our workspaces – they are all really accepting.”Their bubble was shattered once early on in their relationship, when Michal was living with eight other Jewish women while doing her National Service in Jaffa, working at an intercultural nursery school.But Michal, 23, who works at a pro-peace NGO, and Ahmed, 25, an engineering student at the Technion in Haifa, are a young success story.They have requested exclusion of their last names for privacy.

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