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This resulted in increased electoral growth throughout the 2000s, to the extent that it became the most electorally successful far-right party in British history.Concerns regarding financial mismanagement resulted in Griffin being ousted in 2014.

Regarded as the most successful far-right party in British history, the BNP attracted most support from within White British working-class communities in northern and eastern England, particularly among middle-aged and elderly men.John Tyndall was both [the BNPs] greatest asset and its greatest drawback.His persistence, rock-like reliability and leadership had kept the movement going, but with almost imperceptible growth since its 1982 foundation.It calls for an end to non-white migration into the UK and the removal of settled non-white populations from the country.Initially, it called for the compulsory expulsion of non-whites, although it has since advocated voluntary removals with financial incentives.

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