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KILIMANJARO-WWP ALL AFRICAN HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION Man Mountain Rock As mighty as the granite steeple that overlooks the African continent, the man mountain Kilimanjaro looks over the landscape of South African wrestling.

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If you have a large family that you drive around, a small car is going to be cramped and uncomfortable. If you have to do a long commute every day, you will need a reliable car that can handle racking up a lot of distance in a relatively short amount of time.He is one of the most exciting finds on the Pro Wrestling scene, and is destined for greatness Who will it be at the Arnold Classic to tastethe leather boot of THE KWAITO KID?MR WRESTLING- WWP WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION There is a saying in professional wrestling.THE KWAITO KID The career of the Kwaito Kid has been littered with success, whether as a tag team champion with Kilimanjaro or as a singles champion, the Kwaito Kid has never been far from the top of wrestling scene in South Africa.With the pride of the Eastern Cape flowing through his veins, Kwaito uses always one superkick away from victory, and there have been many victims.

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