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The indexing tool is based on how users tag their blogs, so sometimes there is a lot of confusion when the results come out.With the top ranked (most recent) blogs probably containing irrelevant data, from a blogger’s perspective Technorati is wide open if you know how to optimize for blog search.You can create your blog anywhere; you do not have to create it on Technorati. On forum boards and on blogs, bloggers post complaints about poor indexing by Technorati.These complaints include statements that Technorati does not index their updates and their posts never seem to show up on the listings in the categories they tagged.Technorati only advertises on its home page, however, and is not moving towards advertising on blogs (Adsense does though).You can be a sponsored listing, but you should pass on the graphic ads unless you know something that I don’t.Technorati ranks blogs based on time updated, not on relevance (this was my major sore point with the engine).

If you can find some way to get on the blogs (Adsense wins again), and skip the blog search engine itself you may have a winning approach.

As for blog entries, you will wan tot post as often as possible (twice a day if practical).

You don’t have to write a thesis; five lines could warrant an update.

If you do want the graphics ads — they are keyword based (contextual) and come up during searches, mainly on the top right and on the right of the page — note that Technorati announced very grandly in July that it is are downplaying its ads.

Its service is not a cost per click program, but a "buy advert space" paradigm.

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