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Frequent nudity and overt flaunting/flashing important as is willingness to be infrequently watched remotely through a camera and photographed." He messages back to say he's happy to speak to me: "It'd be a colourful experience for us both." On the telephone, Rick, who's 41, explains his health has gone downhill and that his intimate life has suffered: "Recently I thought, if I'm not going to do it, I’ll watch it," he says, "but I got fed up with porn because it teases you with what you can't have." He says he's a first time poster, and placed the ad hoping for, "a little fun, with someone who likes showing off and is having fun themselves." I put it to Rick that exhibitionism is also a way of teasing the voyeur with what they can't have.

Does he hope it would develop into a physical relationship?

He tells me the responses are from women aged 19-35, many of whom are European.

He says they're women who are, "moving to London, wanting a cheaper option — people annoyed at London's crazy rent crisis! "A nice girl, who we would enjoy hanging out with, and just give me her worn knickers." Unlike Matthew and Rick, Joe has a girlfriend he's been with several years. Joe says she has an inkling he likes women's lingerie ("I wore hers once in bed") but she wouldn't like it.

This didn’t seem to be the way the men saw themselves.

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Does he worry that someone would do this because she was in a tight spot?

In this instance, if people have turned to something they wouldn't normally do, I would try and be light on them.

I'd say, 'if you don't want to do much of it, I could limit it.'" Rick later says he's revised his ad, limiting the stay to one-four nights, with no charge.

One guy is offering free accommodation to a "young female to help me have a baby".

Another is offering rent of £1 per day for an "open minded young girl who would like to explore kink and submission." According to housing and homelessness charity Shelter, ads like these are, "a dangerous attempt to establish deeply exploitative relationships." In a 2016 blog, Shelter wrote that by posting these ads, men are intentionally targeting desperate women who feel they have no other options.

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