Adult chat imotions

While the medium is great, the message is sometimes missed.Jokes are taken seriously, sarcasm read where none was meant, etc.Bonding in each condition was measured through both self-report and affiliation cues (i.e., nonverbal behaviors associated with the emotional experience of bonding).Participants reported feeling connected in all conditions.You can use your newsgroup software (often included with your email software or your web browser software) to get a full list of groups, or you can look for them through a search engine's listing of groups, such as Yahoo's. Instead of posting it where thousands of people are going to be annoyed at you for wasting their time, email it privately to the individual.

Use of textual affiliation cues like emoticons, typed laughter, and excessive letter capitalization during IM related to increased bonding experience during IM.

There are over 40,000 groups, sorted by subject (e.g., the group called herp is in Recreation, subcategory Pets, subcategory Herps).

There are rules of conducts and FAQs for most groups.

While the Internet - newsgroups, web browsing and email - seem free and (usually) magically fast to us, in fact it takes quite a bit to move every bit of code from one computer to another.

The busier or more crowded with code the systems are, the slower the transmission speed.

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