Adaway not updating

I'm used to the Chinese idiosyncrasies of their OS, so autostarts and locking apps is fine, notifications working good here if you do that. My main interest in the Redmi note 4 is the bigger battery :) I'll think more on it ! Man don't get all hung up on the oh it doesn't have band 28 or it doesn't have the snapdragon processor.

The phone does appear to be aggressive kill background tasks not listed in those lists. I am currently 1400ks north of Perth and it is running sweet.

The loss of band28 isn't that big a deal for me, I'm in the city 99.9% of the time, plenty of good coverage in other bands, besides I hear mixed reports about signal strength on the kate models. It has replaced my old S5 and it's a great phone for the price.

My work colleague also had a lot of drama finding good cases to fit the kate model. The MIUI downloads section lists a "Redmi Note 4 China (which has a developers ROM avaliable) and a Redmi Note 4 MTK Global (which only has the stable ROM). I was waiting for the 4g ram model but went for this one instead.

Widevine categorizes devices into three security levels, ranging from all processes running in the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) to not running anything in TEE at all.

I think if you're happy with using stock MIUI and want excellent build quality, the note 4 is a great option. I set it to Italy as a substitute and set the time to Oz time, so every time the phone is restarted it resets to Italian time.

Happy with the service from vickmall, I'll probably order a redmi 4 soon for the wife from them, great service. Is there a workaround beside setting the region to, say, Russia and timezone to Vladivostok??

Great feel in hand it's amazing what they've done here for the price. Mine arrived last week, bought from Ali Express, took 2 weeks to arrive cost 5 after exchange rate when on CNY sale. Spend a bit of time understanding all the settings and get on the forums to get all the tips.

I went the grey color, the screen looks excellent, good colour/saturation/contrast and decent viewing angles, nothing to complain about here at all. Minus 7% from cashrewards should bring it down under 0. Why anyone would want to spend 00 on a smart phone is beyond me when this was 9.

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