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The Fireside Girls are working on their last few patches. Now in high school, a chance comment by Ginger has Phineas wondering if he missed something way back when, and if maybe it's time to try it after all... But as Isabella and Gretchen quickly discover, something is a little mixed-up. Isabella gasped and covered her mouth using her hands. But what if the boy calls her accidentally as he didn't mean to do? A moment of Phinbella friendship and eventual romance when a school dance doesn't go quite as planned. But strangely, Phineas can't help but look at what was so beautiful about her in the first place... But on one of his usual Saturday morning bike rides, our favorite red-headed inventor discovers his best friend from across the street in - let's just say - a little bit of a compromising position. The same is for two people in love, such as Phineas and Isabella. Well our favorite characters will have to learn to live with that.

Perhaps he can distract them with a little romance? Trope bingo: matchmaker Co-authored with Robot Wolf 26Z. Contains Phinbella cuz I'm me, and MAYBE some Ferb/OC later on. A few mish-mashed bits of fluff and happiness to make your day a little bit brighter, and maybe put a smile on your face if you're feeling down. So to solve this Phineas suggests that the two of them start dating to find out if they should be together. Eleven-year-old girls get over their crushes all the time; Isabella was no different. Phineas and Ferb wake up like normal, and start to build. When Candace comes into town while pregnant with her and Jeremy's first child, Phineas and Ferb decide to throw her a baby shower. Will be always marked as in-progress because I'll update every time I have a new idea for a one-shot. Isabella and two of the Fireside girls come over to the backyard and Ferb and the boys asks Phineas to bring Isabella some Iced Tea. Phineas and Isabella finally spend some time alone with the stars on New Year's Eve. Phineas and Isabella are cleaning up a daily project when the sun goes down and they see each other in a new light...terrible summary. Seriously K rated, just a sweet crush moment with Phineas Over time, Phineas and Isabella have grown apart as their teen years hit. also last chapter in previous story When Phineas and Ferb suffer a creative meltodown, Isabella brilliantly suggests they all go to the Summer Festival, where Phineas finally learns the truth behind those complicated feelings he's always had for Isabella... Every minute, moment, second, trice is important to the Flynn-Fletcher brothers. Have you ever been by someone's side every second, every day for a week? But opposite charges of magnets are attracted to each other.

Now her dream is crushed by the fact that the patches are too difficult for her to do alone.

Ever since Isabella joined the Lil Sparks at the age of 4 she always wanted to become a Senior Fireside Girl, which is the highest achievement a Fireside Girl can have.

To those who will read, this tale will tell the truth of love, and if it's near." Join Isabella and Phineas as their spirits collide and feel unexpectedly at each other… But when the father in question is Phineas Flynn, he's got more interesting things to play with than shotguns and shovels. Trope bingo: rite of passage/coming of age Will Phineas remain oblivious forever? "So I asked my readers to help me with writing an April Fool's Day Fan-Fic, A LOT of people gave me ideas.

But what happens when desperation comes to her and she eagerly looks for a man. Phineas has gone into overdrive trying to please Isabella. Phineas just might be one of those kids."There is a girl, a ghost, and love, and all are present here. So when Isabella takes him hostage in needs of help earning a certain patch, what will our favorite inventor do to get out of the situation? Maybe Phineas will realize that she's dropping another hint? It's a rite of passage for both father and daughter: the first time a boy comes to pick her up for a date. Summary: Can Ferb, Buford, and Baljeet have a Christmas miracle?

All the things I list on my profile are things I will possibly write for. PLEASE VOTE ON MY POLLCouples for me for P n' F are: Phineas and Isabella (love that couple mostly doing those stories. Non-canon to "New Adventures"Perry is home alone with Phineas and Isabella, and they're trying to find out where he goes every day. But Phineas seems to have a harder time resisting than the others... Sweet, fluffy, and adorable, and in no way connected unless specified. Disclaimer: I don't own Pn FAfter a sequence of events (and an explanation), Phineas believes that he might be in love with Isabella, the only problem being he isn't sure if he is or not, the second only problem is he doesn't know if she likes him back. Note March 29, 2016)Set five years after the series. A collection of random Phinabella one-shots that are normally gonna be quite fluffy. The gang created a large wading pool in the backyard (It isn't here but in the real episode) and ends up with Candace's old Ducky Momo wading pool. So what happens when Phineas takes Isabella to The Doo Wop Hop?

But soon they'll discover that it's more than just a box and take a trip down to memory lane. A jam-packed Phinbella fluff and romance story filled with an Astronomy project, a dance, school, Christmas, and a million other things left to be discovered. Its Valentines Day, and Isabella has a Valentine survey she plans on using on Phineas to get him to confess his feelings (if he has any) to her or break his oblivious shell. Phineas has always been unaware of Isabella's feelings for him, but has she been just as unaware of his? Christmas is just around the corner and Isabella decides to spend Christmas Eve with Phineas. One can only wonder, two can discuss it amongst themselves, and three can wonder where Perry is (seriously where is he? Rated because Axis21 rates everything T unless someone tells him it's okay to do otherwise. Every moment for them is something amazing, something worth remembering. It's Christmas Eve (a little late might I add) and the Flynn-Fletcher's decide to spend it at the Garcia-Shapiro's holiday party. What could possibly go wrong between Phineas and Isabella? I will revise them.) A collection of drabbles and oneshots for the TV show, "Phineas and Ferb." The stories will include romance, humor, etc. Chapters will come from my ideas and requests, so please put your requests in the reviews! (EDITED REPOST.) The Phineas and Ferb characters are on Facebook! Based off of a fanfic story I read and the song Live Like We're Dying by Kris Allen... The characters of Phineas and Ferb ponder this, and then make those calls. Note: recently updated with an authors note to get word out faster There's 104 days of summer vacation, and school comes along just to end it. And will the Phinbella Fandom FINALLY have a decent fanfiction? Now up: As a Valentine's Day special, Chapter 6 - Act Your Age! )*PLEASE SKIP TO CHAPTER 11.* (I wrote the first ten chapters a long time ago. Will we have to watch our favorite characters corrupt before our very eyes? Current Stories I am working on: Mystified: Currently working on Sunday. A myriad of short, unrelated, untraditional Phineabella stories and songfics. Luckily Phineas is there and he'll do anything to help her achieve her goal, even if it means giving a kiss.

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