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So when every woman’s profile sounds the same, what do men have to write to? It’s because we – men and women alike – haven’t truly figured out what makes us unique.And unique profiles not only get more responses, but they get higher quality responses in return.Everyone knows that men’s profiles, on the whole, are even worse than women.We can debate why, but, for the most part, I think it’s ignorance.When women ask me (and boy, do they ask me), why do all the WRONG men write to them, I always have a two part response: 1) By your standards, 95% of men are the wrong men.So don’t be too surprised if you’re not enamored with 9 out of 10 emails you receive. 2) Your profile is likely not attracting the small percentage of “right men” out there – which is something that we can easily change.That’s about all I got out of cultural anthropology from my freshman year of college, but I think it was worth my parents’ ,000. It could be an optic nerve or a sinus, but I’m thinking that it’s some sort of intelligence or mischief or both. (She dumped me a month after that, but that’s not the point of the story).

But unless you bring your A-game in your essays, you’re probably not going to get the intelligent, witty responses that you crave.

Yet some women really get indignant – they poured their heart out in their profile, put a ton of effort into saying what they really feel.

And when I take a look at it, 9 times out of 10, she did just that.

And if you are really serious about maintaining creative control, I offer all my profile writing secrets to you in my audio series, Finding the One Online ( and even give you a 35-page workbook to practice until you get it right.

At the end of the day, both men and women can coast by on their looks, and never feel compelled to have to improve their profiles.

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